Name: Alex ZyeEdit

  • Alex Zye
  • Alex Zye
  • Older
  • Olderrrr

Eye Color: Red

Age: 12

Hair Color: Black

Power: Shadows, He tends not use the full extent of his powers. and uses them to spy on people.

Randomness: Alex can play almost any Intrument in existence.

He uses a scythe when he was younger and when older he used a katana he had found.

Backstory: Alex in his "family" hadn't really payed much attention he had to make food for himself and walk to school, and with him being angry that they kicked out Deon because they couldn't remember him, Alex stole their credit cards sending them into debt. Alex bought food to last long enough to get CPS to get them to a better home and many instruments which he learned how to play. Alex trusts his brother and loves him, and would do anything to protect him. He doesn't try to seem overprotective and makes sure he's fine.

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