Name: Fear ((Real name is Reign Rowe, Fear was given to him after his father called him God's fear.
  • An older Fear.
  • Fear displaying his sword, also much older.
  • Young Fear.

Personality: Used to be a very calm child, however he became extremely sadistic after killing his parents to the point of being downright horrifying. However after a few years he matures greatly and sees the world as a battlefield instead of a mere playground. Can be seen as very loving towards Magus and Ulysses.

Age: 12 ((Started)) 14 ((For the first time skip)) 16 ((For the second time skip.))

Back StoryEdit

When Fear was a child he was raised by his father and mother-in-law. Both of whom were unsuccessful in giving him what he wanted. His father raised him with the idealogy that the weak should be destroyed. He was taught various ways of using swords when he was growing up. As well as being taught to take being in pain as a symbol of being alive. After his final lesson he killed his teachers and his parents. The cops, believing it to be a tragic accident rather than a murder, sent Fear to the orphanage. Once at the orphanage Fear awakened his powers and immediatly started using them to hunt. At first, his powers are barely able to scratch a squirrel, but eventually he started being able to kill things more and more easily. Eventually he started tricking kids at the orphanage into the woods and killing them. As he got better he started killing any living thing and started forming a castle of animal and human corpeses. Then, by some occurrence, he met Magus, a girl at the orphanage. At first, he asks her to play tag with him in order to add her body to the castle. However, he saw something he liked about her and asked her to marry him. After she accepts, he spends more time with her and starts to fall for her and eventually learns of her pain filled past. He cuts an X on his forehead and swears to kill all who ever hurted her or will try and hurt her. 


Has the ability to control electricity in an almost infinete amount of ways. As he gets older he learns how to alter the weather to make it rain and even cause tornadoes.