Name:Hotori Myers(Real name)/ Hotonimus Winchester(Adopted Name)
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Hotori Myers



Family: Alexandra Winchester(Adopted Big Sister)


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Dark Matter Manipulation: He has the ability to manipulate matter around him(dark matter) creating such matter into any type of object he desires. 

  • Hotori Age 14-18
  • Hotori Older
  • Hotori

Abilities-That go along with the powerEdit

Dynamic Insanity: Hotori is known to go insane, Where he looses control of his mind and body and subcomes to his power. His eyes turn blood red and his powers are increased 10 fold, He killed his previous parents with this ability/mode before he was sent to the orphanage. 

Chain's of Redemption: He can control chains that are Created through dark matter, The chains can start to glow red once they do they are able to scar a persons body due to intense heat or burn that person, the chains can also be used for trapping a person.

  • Hotori holding his Dark/Crimson Scythe
  • Hotori in his Dynamic Insanity
  • Hotori's Eyes when in Dynamic Insanity

Dark/Crimson Scythe:Is his main weapon of choice and the Scythe he creates from either Pure Dark Matter or Crimson Azure Particles which are basically the particales within certain types of beings aka blood.