Age: 12

Power: Telepathy

Hobbies: Kaori enjoys playing guitar and drawing/sketching.

Personality: Kaori is generally a happy person that, when angered, as rare as that is, is able to get over it quickly. She is forgiving, understanding, outgoing, and mature for her age, however very concealing of her emotions and self conscious.

Likes: Formal clothing (pengiun tail suits, bow ties, regular ties, top hats, short poofy dresses, blazers), fruit (pineapple, strawberry, banana), music, the arts (both visual and performing), and the supernatural (people with horns, tails, fangs, pointed ears, etc.)


   Kaori is a very extreme person, personality wise. She is loud and hyper when talking about something she loves and/or is interested in. Because she grew up in a place where she never felt specifically loved, little things like approaching her for conversation and choosing to stay with her even when bored make her really happy. Kaori is smart for her age, having skipped a grade, but she feels like its only logic and her ability to understand things that has made her able to do so. She has never studied once in her life.

    For the sake of having someone to talk to, Kaori often tags along or offers help. She isn't the type to volunteer work at a daycare though. She actually dislikes babies and really young children. 

​To be continued