Full Name: Maria Harris

Age: 18

Appearance: Maria has long brown hair that stops half-way down her back. She keeps it up in a pony-tail, tied with a big red ribbon. Maria wears a red shine maiden dress with white sleeves.

Personality: She likes to talk, whether it's about something serious or just a random rant about soda, she doesn't really care. She enjoys painting and drawing, carrying a notebook around with her everywhere. She can also be seen trailing behind Macy or Ruin a lot. She's stubborn, and likes to flaunt her "knowledge" of things other kids wouldn't know. She has a very keen sense of personal much so that when people get too close to her she'll freak out and yell. Maria tries to be an adult in most situations, though she just ends up sounding like a child herself. 

Powers: Maria can make her drawings come to life, but nothing bigger than a chair. Not everything she draws will suddenly become reality, but she has done it on accident before.

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