Full Name: Momoe McCoy

Personality: Momoe McCoy is a bundle of joy. She has a good sense of humor and usually likes to be sarcastic, but she's very lazy and prefers to not do any work so she has
Momoe 222

Momoe reading.

people do it for her. Momoe is pretty calm, but despite her rambunctious demeanor she's very calm and likes to keep to herself.

Appearance: Momoe has black/dark purple hair and starry purple eyes like the night. She's 5'5 in height.

Age: 16


Momoe was always able to see spirits. As a child they'd come to her and ask for help. She was picked on at school and called a 'freak', 'loser', 'nobody' etc. Things didn't get much better when she got to highschool. Her Father didn't help much either. He'd call her possessed and spawn of the devil because of her power. That's when she was visited more frequently by demons. They'd scratch her, choke her, and hit her. One day a teacher noticed this and called Social Services and Momoe was taken away from her parents to an orphanage.


Momoe at school.


Momoe can talk to spirits. This means she can possess people and manipulate them. The spirits are pretty handy because they do almost everything for her because she's too lazy to do things herself. A couple a times before demons would pretend to be human spirits and almost killed her. She can also cause "hallucinations". That is when a spirit can pretend to be someone close to the person she's fighting or anybody for that matter to make them temporarily distracted because they think it's a passed loved one.