Name: Ruin

Looks: ruin has brown hair normally in a pony tail and wears reds and blacks.


Personality: Ruin is incredibly smart yet one track minded. She wants to be a grand leader and to kill Hotori. She trusts very few people but is very kind if your loyalties are to her. She doesn't like people that put their faith in her to be harmed and will do what she can stop it.

Ruin's theme

Ruin's theme

so complex

Power: She has the power to look at something, take it apart mentally and know what it does, how it works, how to make one and where a flaw is. She is skilled in robotics because of this power and due to lifting heavy objects she is quite strong. She gives her Robots common names but writes the a shortened version with the number of fixes she had to make on them to make it seem professional.

Past: Ruin was a happy child of Lunar. She had friends, family and a puppy love. BUT EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED. One day Her father had her climb aboard a ship with other children. Some she knew. Some she didn't. The ship safely transported them away from the destruction of the planet. The ship crashed causing head trauma to the frontal lobe for almost every passenger causing amnesia. Ruin remembered very little. Bits and pieces of time spent with Hotori. Finding he didn't have any memory of her she was very upset. She was brought into a family of prodigies and was given the task of murdering someone who had wronged her before she dies. She chose Hotori.