Power: Voodoo powers. Can control Isaac his teddy bear. And control other people. 

Hair: Purple hair

Eye color: Violet


When Ulysses and his sister were taken in by a family of utter filth they were abused. One of them that is. The other one named Ulysses had been locked in a room and forgotten about. From where he controlled rats to bite at the walls. Where he found Isaac and other dolls, this is where he had found a journal and got the name of the bear from it. On one night. Ulysses made Isaac break down the wall one night when he used too much of his powers it supercharged the bear making it grow huge with claws, it then smashed down the wall toward the street. Ulysses was found by people and taken away. He was ridiculed behind his back. But he knew one day that Ulysses would have his revenge.

Uly after the timeskip had learned to control his powers but he didn't feel right about what he was doing and he kept it silent until he broke into an argument with his sister then he knew what had to do. And so after a while he ran away going off the grid and soon met Alex. Who became best friends and partners